The patented Syrcadian Blue with "blue sky above horizon" technology has been engineered to pack the same hormone producing blue light energy of a cloudless day, into a sleek portable product that makes it easy to maintain that "feel good" mood all year round. Just clip onto the top of your computer monitor, plug into the USB port, and you will be amazed at how much better you feel. A natural, healthy way to chase those winter blues away.



The optional Automotive Adapter kit allows your Syrcadian Blue light therapy device to operate from any 12V cigarette lighter. The kit comes complete with a plug in USB adapter and two robust metal visor clips. Easily attaches to any automotive sun visor, providing the patented "blue sky above horizon" lighting in your automobile. Perfect way to get therapy during your morning commute.





The optional universal mains power supply provides portable power for the Syrcadian Blue light therapy unit anywhere on the planet. Perfect for the world traveler that wants to dramatically minimize the effects of jet lag before and after the big meeting. Also provides a great permanent mount for that TV in the kitchen - perfect location for a quick early morning therapy over coffee or tea and the morning news.