Before starting any light therapy program you should consult your health care provider, including any therapy program that includes the Syrcadian Blue light therapy device. Your doctor may prescribe prescription medication, light therapy, or a treatment regimen that includes both. Your health care provider is best equipped to help you make these decisions, and to develop a therapeutic program that works for you.

If you and your doctor decide that light therapy is right for you, there are a number of excellent products on the market, many of which have the necessary technology to stimulate your ipRGCs. But what you should seriously ask yourself is this: "what exact regimen am I personally going to be able to faithfully employ, day after day?"

The sad reality is that most light therapies fail, not because of the specific technology employed, but because of poor patient compliance - people just can't seem to find time and space to make light therapy part of their daily routine. Light therapy is surprisingly effective, but patients must maintain a disciplined regimen of about 90 minutes per day, as it takes time to build up daily serotonin levels, and they become quickly depleted (couple of days without treatment). The 90-minute recommended dose is a cumulative number, so you don't need to get the full dose all in one sitting. You can have several 30 minutes sessions at different times of the day and still achieve your objectives.

When surveyed, most patients failed to maintain their therapy for one of two reasons; either the light caused them discomfort, or they could not find the time each and every day to stick with a routine. In many cases both of these were contributing factors. For any light therapy program to be effective, the light therapy device must be designed to overcome the above two issues. The best light therapy technology in the world has little chance of offering relief if it can not become part of an every day routine.

In addition to its technically superior design, the Syrcadian Blue has patented elements that make it easy and comfortable to integrate into your 21st century lifestyle. The top three application areas, as reported by our customers, are shown below. In fact, we have many customers that now have Syrcadian Blue light therapy devices installed in all three locations - all in an attempt to make sure they get their cumulative 'minimum daily requirement'.


The Syrcadian Blue light therapy device was originally designed for computer use. Over the past decade the computer has become a major focal point for most every home and office worker. Market research firms report that the average user spends about 2.9 hours per day in front of the computer screen. The majority of this time is spent on email, and a good portion of that time is spent in the morning hours -
a perfect time and location for applying the Syrcadian Blue light therapy. Clipping to the top of your monitor provides the correct spectrum, location, and dose.


Customers soon began asking if we could provide an adapter kit to allow their units to operate in their cars on the way to work. Why waste your commute time frustrated in traffic, when you could be turning that time in to a positive mental health period? The US Census Bureau reports that the average commute time in cities over 250,000 is just under 30 minutes per day. So we developed a USB power converter that plugs into your 12V cigarette lighter, and added two robust metal visor clips that attach to the underside of the sun visor - another perfect location for the patented "blue sky above horizon" therapy.


Another popular therapy location turns out to be on top of kitchen television monitors. Many of our users like to have a breakfast, or a quick cup of coffee or tea, while catching up on the morning news before heading off to work. This is another great location to affix your Syrcadian Blue light therapy unit. And you do not need to worry about not having a USB port to power the device, we have developed an optional USB power supply that plugs directly into the wall (mains supply, 100-240VAC, UL/CE Certified) and powers your unit directly.